Italian typical products, jewelry and watch music boxes

Watch and jewelry music boxes made by the traditional artisans of Sorrento, inlaid wood game tables and tea carts.

The origin of sorrentine marquetry dates back to the VI and VII centuries with the benedectine monks. Although in the XVI century several master carpenters from Sorrento were already executing the inlaid of wood in choir stalls for neapolitan churches and furniture for the nobles' palaces, a real cabinet-making industry has only grown since the beginning of the 1800s. The promotor of the upsurge of marquetry as an industry was a sorrentine cabinet-maker called Antonio Damora. The production started with inlaid wood game tables, tea carts.

Craftsmen began to represent landscapes, so enriching the artistic content. In a brief period a long line of master artisans was formed creating the basis for the development of an art which has given Sorrento world fame and the status of Italian typical products as jewelry and watch music boxes, and wich represents today one of the mainstays of the local economy.

Sorrento inlaid wood works as jewelry and watch music boxes, game tables and tea carts.

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italian typical products jewelry watch music boxes inlaid wood game tables tea carts

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